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Roig Rechou, Blanca Ana/Ruzicka Kenfel, Veljka (eds. The Representations of the Spanish Civil War in European Children’s Literature (1975-2008) Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang, 2014.

Artículo Celia Vázquez, University of Vigo, References to the Spanish Civil War in English language Children’s Literature: Tell the Moon to come out by Joan Lindgard.

Resumen: Few events have stirred the emotions and caught the imaginations of intellectuals as did the Spanish Civil War of 1936-39. This article deals with a number of British authors and critics who have explored this war from different perspectives, analyzing some of the translated works by several Spanish writers and mentioning briefly the poets of the Oxford Goup who participated in this war and wrote about it. With respect to English Children’s literature and Literature for the Young, which is our main topic, we briefly and chronologically present the work of authors such as Captain W.E. Johns, with one of his stories about his hero Biggles settled in Spain at the outbreak of the Spanish civil war; Muriel Spark, who mentions the Spanish Civil War and the Fascism of the thirties in Europe, as well as the education and fascist control over a group of students that attend a school for girls in Edinburgh; and from more recent times, the novel by Joan Lindgard, whose plot takes place in Spain with signs of destruction, ruined houses and burnt-out churches just after the civil war which Franco’s troops won.

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